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We design our devices so that they can be used and carried to everywhere.

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Point of Care Service
We provide on-site maintenance thanks to portable devices.
Smart Solutions

We provide you smart solutions with using the latest technologies.


Because Soundcam gives the opportunity of displaying ultrasound images on smartphones, doctors will be able to use it as a stethoscope and send the recorded images to platforms such as E-Nabız and hospital databases. Thankfully, Point of Care Ultrasound service will become more and more common in Turkey.

Soundcam mobile ultrasound device is the first domestically designed ultrasound device which is developed by our company. Our main objective is that Soundcam, which is portable and cheaper than our competitors, will be used in Health Clinics and ambulances



Focused Ultrasound


Focused ultrasound systems are becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Recently, doctors started to use this technology in the treatment of brain, liver, pancreas, kidney and prostate cancers. We are developing a modular and open source focused ultrasound system to be used in medical departments for academic studies in our country. Our product can be programmed as desired, the applied ultrasound acoustic power capacity can be increased and can be tested on phantoms.



Elastography is a new technique that deals with the mechanical properties of the tissue in the body. It is a new and advanced dynamic ultrasound technique that provides information about the stiffness / texture of the tissue by measuring the degree of strain in the tissue.


It is possible to obtain elastography images by measuring minimal pressure changes which ocur on target tissue. Thus, without the need for biopsy, the physical properties of the mass or tumor can be understood without surgery. We're considering adding elastography feature to Soundcam soon.


Early Diagnosis and Artificial Intelligence


Early diagnosis saves lives. We develop advanced image analysis and deep learning algorithms to help doctors for early diagnosis through ultrasound images. By scanning thousands of ultrasound images labeled by doctors, we are strengthening our early diagnosis system with artificial intelligence every day.



Smart Ambulance

Detection of free fluid in the abdomen by mobile ultrasound device in smart ambulances

Health Minister of Turkey stated that in 2019, pilot application of smart ambulances will start. The application helps patient-related data are sent to the hospital and the necessary precautions are taken. With the help of our mobile ultrasound device and artificial intelligence assisted image analysis algorithms, existence of the free fluid in the abdomen can be automatically detected and reported to the hospital.


Would you like to hear your baby's heart beat in the womb? Are the existing devices boring and uniform? With the help of our Fetal Doppler device called Ubaby, you can listen to your baby's heartbeats, see heart rate, have fun with various animations depending on heart rate and share these sounds and images easily with your loved ones in your social media accounts. You can exchange ideas with other mother candidates on our Ubeat platform and learn new information.

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About Us

Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live?
Howard Hughes

Like Howard Hughes, we also believe that it was the right way to pursue our passions and therefore started the adventure of Ultralab. We dream that 40-year old ultrasound technology will be used more widely thanks to mobile ultrasound devices. We provide early diagnosis opportunity by developing artificial intelligence integration and advanced image analysis algorithms and we aim to improve the health standard of all people. We are proud to be the first and only domestic company working on ultrasound technology in Turkey.


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